What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection

This season Canada Gooseoffers their Black Label collection which includes a few of your favourite Canada Goose models. On these products, you will still find the Canada Goose logo in the usual place (on the left arm) but the famous red, white and blue logo you are accustomed to will be replaced by a black and grey logo. The new logos are the same design and only use the different colours (shades) to offer a more sleek and discrete look.

Other models are still being designed with the original Canada Goose logo so if you not ready to give up the vibrantly coloured logo you don have to.

For those wishing for a little change and originality in their Canada Goose products, shop for the Black Label collection. Offering the same style, warmth and comfort, the Black Label Collection is sure to be a hit in the fashion world this season.

Once you figured out which Canada Goose coat is right for you, take a look at the Black Label collection to choose yourfavourite for the upcoming winter season.

Hello John, I can understand your concerns while shopping for Canada Goose. Inside every Canada Goose Jacket and accessory, there is a hologram tag sewn in. Other differences you may find in a counterfeit coat are the colours on the logo may seem slightly off.