Fake Canada Goose Website

You’re quite right in your actions, of course, and trading standards will do what they can. But it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to get the site de registered; and even if they do, the company behind it won’t just disappear. Remember that they’re Chinese, and so the only part of their business which is governed by UK law is the domain name itself. Everything else is in China.

Some of the stuff sold on these sites isn’t, ironically, that bad obviously, you get what you pay for in general terms, but imagine if Patagucci were to sell gear without whacking a brand premium on it, and you’d be surprised at the similarity in both quality and gear prices. If only these guys would look towards proper UK distribution, with local retailers acting under the SoG Act, then there might be a sustainable business in there which would benefit the long suffering UK outdoor enthusiast.

I acknowledge that there is little that a single country can do to stop this kind of counterfeiting and that, in general, caveat emptor is the way ahead. That is why I posted here really to give a heads up to the kind of people who might reasonably be in the market for this high end kind of gear. As we all now, there is specific kit for specific purposes and the only Canada Goose gear that I have my eye on is the parker range (tried one on in Alaska the other day and did well to leave the store without one )